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Hammock Tree Hugger Straps

Honeymoon Hammocks has many accessories and one of our favorites and most popular selling item is our Tree Hugger straps.  Tree Huggers are high-quality, polypropylene straps designed to wrap around a tree and provide connection points for hammocks. They are constructed with a heavy duty O-ring and D-rings. The D-rings allow the strap to lock on itself to prevent slippage of the strap and increase safety.

The TreeHuggers eliminate any need to bore into or penetrate a tree. Hammock hanging becomes much more ecological as well as mobile.  The TreeHugger allows you to take your hammock anywhere and begin relaxing within a matter of minutes. Scroll below to watch a video demonstration
Hammock tree hugger accessories for hanging your hammock easily
Honeymoon Hammocks.com has the best products for taking your hammocks on the go or for simple easy hanging. Check out our Tree Huggers
  • Key Benefits
  • Each strap is 96″ long
  • Has a weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Hammocks become more mobile
  • No minimum order required

$24.95 (pair)
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