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Pig Tail Swivel Hammock accessories

Hammock hanging pig tail swivel to eliminate recoil and turning issues

Relaxing in your hammock should be easy and stress free.   Ever experience that annoying issue where you can’t just position your swing or hanging chair where you want?  Problem Solved! Our Pig-Tail Swivel keeps you in your desired position while hanging in your chair or lounger without recoil.

Our Pigtail Swivels enhance the comfort and use of hanging chairs and any number of hanging objects. This allows for 360° positioning and virtually eliminate recoil. Easily unhocks from any I-bolt or mount for moving your chair. This is one of our most requested items and our customers have said this solves their problems when using chairs and swings as it quietly keeps them in place.  The zinc plated coating keeps this device from absorbing moisture.  You can hang this from an eye bolt or from your anchor point for your swing or hammock chair.

Key Benefits:
  • Each swivel is zinc plated or painted
  • Certified load testing documented weight capacity of 1500 pounds for the pig-tail
  • Easy to hang on hook or rope
  • 3/8″ diameter forged steel
  • Zinc coated
  • No minimum order required
 ONLY $12.95 (each)