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Honeymoon Hammock – Couples Hammock Chair

Is intimacy in your relaxation plans? Care to explore your passion with your partner? Our Honeymoon Hammock will make you and your partner connect on a new level. Sex in a hammock is where its at.  Made of 100% woven cotton and suspended by a durable wood post and attached stir-ups, This erotic hammock chair will change the way you see passion and intimacy.

If you are looking for a unique and comfortable sexual position, this hanging hammock chair will bring your passion to a climax that you never believed.

If you’re looking for added comfort to your Honeymoon Hammock, add one of our Swing-Mate Springs to the top of this erotic sex hanging hammock chair for a gravity free sensation. This chair can also work as a relaxing hammock chair. While it has many unique positions and possibilities, you will enjoy the time you spend together with your partner. View our photo album and watch our product demonstration video.
On November 9th, 2007, our Honeymoon Hammock was presented to Montel Williams on the Montel Williams Show as a gift from Dr. Diana Kirschner. Dr. Kirschner bought Montel a Honeymoon Hammock as a wedding gift. Now how nice is that?

Every Honeymoon Hammock comes with:

  • One soft cotton pillow
  • Two (2) attached stir-up straps attached to support post
  • Wooden support post for hands and feet
  • Durable wooden support pole
  • Choice of solid or Multi color selections
  • Instructions and care guidelines


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Is the Honeymoon Hammock comfortable?
Yes. 100% cotton fabric and the design made to contour the human body make this unique hammock perfect for couples or for relaxing solo.

How does the Honeymoon Hammock Work?

The first partner gets in and sits on top of the pillow with the feet touching the floor. (please view our step by step instructions suggested hanging height). The other partner then sits on top and places the feet through the side of the hammock chair and puts their hands into the stir-up straps that run through the wooden support post. The stir-up strap for the hands can be tied to the wooden support post in the event the partner on top wants to sit hands free. Have fun and use your imagination and create your own unique positions.
Where can I get a Honeymoon Hammock?
The Honeymoon Hammock can be purchased here CONFIDENTIALLY by using our safe & secure online shopping cart. FREE shipping & handling is included in the continental U.S. with US Postal Service.
Whats all the Rave?
Being comfortable in an intimate setting is what makes our libido go wild. When you see this hammock chair standing alone without two people sitting inside, it doesn’t explain what it is and how it works. Once you share time with your partner, you can’t help but to tell others. It’s not the typical hammock or hammock chair that you envision. Sex hammock, love hammock, passion chair. love swing, call it what you may, regardless, The Honeymoon Hammock is pleasing many couples and bringing back their original passion..
How do I hang one?
Since the Honeymoon Hammock is designed for two people inside, we recommend you consult with a qualified contractor to make sure that you attach it to a firm, solid mounting base. Using rope, S-hooks, eyebolts, straps, trees, tree limbs, SpringMate, porch beams, hitching-rings, wood, Tapcon screws and other means may be necessary for mounting your honeymoon hammock. Always make sure you inspect your chair after prolong use for any wear and/or tear that can occur. The recommended distance for comfort is that you allow 16″ from the bottom of the floor to where you sit on your Honeymoon Hammock. A strong rope or chain can be used to adjust the height of your Honeymoon Hammock from the top position of the loop support.
Any questions, just call us at 941-544-7516