Hammocks Chairs Swings and Accessories

Honeymoon Hammock Accessories

Hanging your hammock should be easy.  Straps for trees and springs for hanging your hammock should be easy.  Honeymoon Hammocks accessories will allow you to get up and in your hammock in no time. Our hammock spring, The Swing-Mate® spring allows for a gravity free sensation with any of our hammock products. The Tree hugger strap opens to a generous size to help you relax under your favorite tree. The Pig-Tail Swivel keeps you in your desired position while hanging in your chair or lounger without recoil.  Hang it, swing it, swivel it, we have what you need

We carry a wide variety of Hammock Hanging Accessories, many of which you may not know existed. Such as…

Tree Hugger

The TreeHuggers are high-quality, polypropylene straps designed to wrap around a tree and provide connection points for hammocks. They are constructed with a heavy duty O-ring and D-rings. The D-rings allow the strap to lock on itself to prevent slippage of the strap and increase safety.

The TreeHuggers eliminate any need to bore into or penetrate a tree. Hammock hanging becomes much more ecological as well as mobile. The TreeHugger allows you to take your hammock anywhere and begin relaxing within a matter of minutes. Click here to watch a video demonstration

Swing-Mate, Spring

Swing-mate® Hammock SpringThe Swing-Mate® spring locates between the overhead support and swing chain to provide a more comfortable, softer feel to porch swings, free-standing swings, hammocks and hammock chairs. As you can see from the pictures, the Swing-Mate® is a heavy-duty barrel shaped spring approximately 2” in diameter and 8-1/2” in length.

The Springmate® is zinc plated and clear coated to provide additional protection against the elements. The springs come in sets for porch swings and hammocks and are also available as singles for hanging chairs. For oversized swings and hammocks, Swing-Mate® buddies are available to double up the spring weight capacity.

Pigtail Hammock Accessory

Our Pigtail Swivels enhance the comfort and use of hanging chairs and any number of hanging objects. This allows for 360° positioning and virtually eliminate recoil. Easily unhocks from any I-bolt or mount for moving your chair.