Hammocks Chairs Swings and Accessories

Hammock Care Instructions

Honeymoon Hammocks stands behind all of our manufacturers’ product guarantees. Warranty time frames vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, which include but are not limited to the replacement of defective parts, missing parts, or replacement of like item. Our products are guaranteed for standard use of the product in its intended environment. Our hammocks are made from the highest quality materials which can last for several years. The true lifespan of a hammock absolutely depends upon on its owner. Whether the hammock is used indoors or outdoors, we do not cover damages caused by tampering, misuse, acts of God, attacks by animals, plant life, careless treatment, glass, fire, articles of clothing, improper cleaning, neglect, misuse, mildew, or prolonged exposure to inclement weather.

Q: Are the hammocks washable?
A: Yes. Grasp each end loop and stretch the hammock to its full length. Bind the end cords and body at roughly 16-inch intervals to avoid tangling (Spreader Bar Hammocks exempt). Put into a pillow cover and machine wash with mild detergent and cold water.  Colors may bleed.  The lounger chair and masaya can be placed in a bedsheet with with corners tied to enclose the chair.  A mild detergent soap solution, along with a small amount of vinegar is recommended. Remember, the lounger chair has foam so ample time should be allowed for drying before sitting in the chair.

Q: How should the hammock be stored?
A: To prepare for storage, grasp the end loops and twist each end in opposite directions until the entire length of the hammock is twisted tightly. You can easily do this alone by leaving one hammock end attached to its hanger, or you can employ a partner. When the hammock is twisted, hold it above your head, so it is clear of the ground; it will then spin and wrap around itself like a skein of yarn. Then hang it by the end loops from one hook. Or tie with cord in a couple of places, tuck in the end loops and store in a cool, dry place.
Q:How about durability and repairs?
A: Our hammocks are carefully crafted to provide years of reliable service. However, in the event a string breaks on an open-weave hammock, it will not run. You must, however, tie the two broken ends together to avoid having a hole develop. Cut, broken or burned cords can be repaired by knotting the ends.
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